Gap vs. Old Navy

You all know that the Gap and Old Navy are owned by the same company, along with Piperlime, etc. Well, you may not have noticed that they also share…designers. And designs. In fact, you can nearly always find a pretty close match to something from the Gap at your neighborhood Old Navy, for about 50% cheaper. Sometimes even 60-70% cheaper.

There’s a lot to be said for branding and styling, both of which have made the Gap a more lucrative, fashion-forward company over the past several years. Their denim campaign was quite successful, with bloggers and fashion writers praising their new denim as having quality similar to that of jeans twice as expensive.

But what about Gap’s cheaper, more mainstream little cousin Old Navy? Clothes from Old Navy may be cheaper, but the quality is often comparable to Gap (no wonder, as they probably share manufacturing plants) and if you do a bit of research, you can find similar designs and styles for half the Gap retail price.

Here are some examples from both stores. Judge for yourself!

Gap Puffer jacket, $98
Old Navy Womens Frost Free Fleece-Lined Jackets, $60

Old Navy Womens Frost Free Vests, $25
Puffer vest | Gap, $60

Old Navy Womens Plaid Double-Weave Top, $23
Plaid ruffle shirt | Gap, $60

Gap Embellished vintage cardigan, $50
Old Navy Womens Corsage Cardigans, $20

Gap Supersoft wool cardigan, $50
Old Navy Womens Pointelle-Trim Cardigans, $13

Gap Love graphic V-neck sweater, $50
Old Navy Womens Intarsia Sweaters, $16

Gap Slim cropped pants, $50
Old Navy Womens Low-Rise Skinny Trousers, $30

Gap Petite Hip Slung Easy Flare Pants, $50
Old Navy Women’s Double-Weave Wide-Leg Trousers, $33

Old Navy Womens The Rock Star Super-Skinny Denim Leggings, $40
Gap Legging jeans (true black wash), $70

Old Navy Womens Dart-Knee Skinny Jeans, $30
Gap Always skinny zipper pocket jeans (destructed indigo wash), $60

Gap Corduroy mini skirt, $50
Old Navy Womens Cord Minis, $20

Gap Classic mini skirt (black), $30
Old Navy Womens Ponte-Knit Pencil Skirts, $15

Old Navy Womens Studded Faux-Leather Ballet Flats, $16
Cap toe leather ballet flats | Gap, $50

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