Quick meals

I’m working between 7-10 hours a day and caring for a newborn and right now, I don’t really have the time to cook a nutritious lunch for myself. I’m trying to watch what I eat because, hello, just had a baby over here, but it’s a lot easier to grab a bag of Doritos. (I LOVE Doritos.)

Fortunately, Kashi frozen meals are actually pretty tasty. They only take 3-4 minutes to cook and have impressive ingredients, like whole grain pilaf, mango, vegetables, chicken/shrimp, etc. They’re filling (unlike some frozen meals) and pretty low in calories too (if you care about things like that). If I’m feeling particularly hungry, I like to add a half a whole wheat bagel and an apple to the meal. (And sometimes Doritos. I’M ONLY HUMAN.)

The only drawback is they are kind of pricey (about $3-4 per meal), but I’m willing to pay that when I look at the time I can save during a busy part of my day.

Here are some of my other favorite quick meals to grab when I have a free second away from my desk or Isobel:

  • Fried egg and cheese on a whole wheat bagel
  • Avocado on toast 
  • Quinoa with feta and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Scrambled egg whites with spinach and turkey bacon
  • Vegetarian chili or low-fat turkey chili
  • Giant salads with avocado, black beans, tomatoes, shrimp, cucumbers and whatever else I can find
  • Quick chicken noodle soup (McKay’s Chicken seasoning with whatever noodles I have on hand, plus celery, potatoes/carrots if I have time and a tofu-based meat substitute) 

Do you have any meals that take you less than 10 minutes to prepare? How about 5 minutes?

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  1. jayanthi said: Also Uncle Bens brown wild rice packs are amazing. 90secs in the microwave. But I want it nooooooow.
  2. katiepiemiscellany answered: You’re WORKING? Heck, I’m only doing the newborn part and I can’t imagine getting a healthy lunch together!
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  4. mooch answered: We have a microwave free home,so unfortunately, no.
  5. hershapeinthedoorway answered: apples with peanut butter! Or, microwave a sweet potato and sautee brussel sprouts. Add dried cranberries, & some nuts and cheese if you like
  6. mclarecolette answered: Former Kashi frozen meal fan, I now prefer Smart Ones or Healthy Choice. Both good for you and with coupons, they cost less than a $1
  7. aheartreserved answered: whole wheat pasta with grape tomatoes, spinach and feta or goat cheese. throw in olive oil and balsamic, and it’s so yummy!
  8. chiconthecheap answered: Yesterday I had a black bean burger with hummus mixed with curry powder on top, on one of those 100 calorie deli flat breads. Super yummy!
  9. vbtwns said: I put frozen veggies (usually edamame, spinach and peas) and frozen potstickers from TJs into low sodium chicken/beef broth and microwave it all for about 2-3 minutes. Then add seasoning as needed (a bit of sesame oil, soy sauce, sracha, etc).
  10. thekeevster answered: Oatmeal almond milk or greek yogurt and fruit//taco salad with turkey//stuffed peppers with brown rice, beans, veg and cheese!
  11. thecooknook answered: Trader Joe’s Quinoa Vegetable Melange with one of their Vegetable Masala burgers broken up and mixed in has been my go to lately.
  12. sarazucker answered: you have to buy the micowavable omelette maker. amzn.to/AAh6kns… fast and easy.
  13. smallnmighty answered: Mini veggie pizza in the toaster oven! Canned healthy tomato sauce on a light, open face wheat pita w/ light cheese & tons of veggies!
  14. kelli-bo-belly answered: BLTA wraps.
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