When I popped into H&M this weekend, I saw they had “spring treggings” on sale for about $13. I didn’t even bother trying them on, which would prove to be a not-so-great decision since they are a wee big…but I’m not about to quibble over $13.

 I have to pause here to address the term “treggings.” It’s a terrible mash-up of trousers + leggings, thought up by some depraved fashion editor or marketing assistant and I really hate to use it. I used to feel the same way about the word “jegging,” but I overcame my distaste for the word when I realized how much I loved the actual pants. (Elastic-waist jeans! Those soccer moms had figured out all this time. And THAT is a sentence you’ll never see me write again!)

Anyway, I’ll use the word tregging on my blog, simply so you can tell what I’m talking about, whether it be denim, jeggings, trousers, treggings, leggings, etc., etc. But! Rest assured that I’ll be keeping the in-person use of “treggings” to a minimum. When I showed them to Brandon in the store, he said, “Treggings?! What the hell are treggings?” They’re $13 pants with an elastic waist and that’s all you need to know.

(This pair from H&M feels more like a pair of khaki skinny pants—a piece of clothing I wouldn’t normally classify as “trousers.” But to each their own!)

1. Scarf c/o Nimli

2. H&M peacoat

3. H&M treggings

4. Gryson for Target handbag

5. Payless flats

(Not pictured: H&M camisole and Forever 21 owl thermal.)

I’ve been dressing pretty casually the past few weeks since I’ve been very tired and not sleeping well. However, there’s nothing wrong with casual in my book and there is NEVER anything wrong with a comfy pair of flats.

[See what I mean about the pants being a little big? That’s what you get when you buy $13 treggings, people! :)] 

Here’s how to get the look for yourself:

1. Forever 21 Owl Thermal, $13

2. Delias Peacoat, $44.50

3. Forever 21 Tank, $3.80

4. Delias Treggings, $44.50

5. Staring at Stars Oversized Scarf, $28

6. Target Patent Flats, $12.99

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