messily asked: I have what may be an impossible request -- my best friend is getting married in three weeks, at which point I'll be six weeks postpartum. The baby is invited to everything, and we plan to bring him along. We'll have bottles for backup, but ideally I'd like to be able to breastfeed as well at some point during the night. Is there a magical dress out there that's wedding-appropriate, and relatively flattering to a still-squashy (and tall and curvy) body, and nursing-friendly?

That is tricky! I actually had a similar situation and ugh—nightmare. 

Anyway, I tried to find dresses that:

  • Would allow you to breastfeed without having to remove the dress or lift the skirt over your head (duh). 
  • Had sleeves or thick-enough straps that you can wear a nursing bra with the dress. 
  • Would be flattering through the midsection.

Here is what I found! (I added a shoe suggestion for each.) 


This dress from The Limited ($99) is pretty and springy and the fabric around the bodice looks loose enough that you could nurse comfortably. The nearly-empire waistline will also help define your figure without drawing too much attention to your midsection. 


This is my favorite of the four I found. The waistline hits at a flattering spot and you can dress it up with jewelry. (Tinley Road Maxi Dress, $59)


I love the bright pink color of this Ann Taylor wrap dress ($99, from $130) and you could wear almost any shoe with this dress. The neckline might be a little low, but the wrap style will allow you to nurse as well. The ruching/draping at the waist is flattering too. 


Last (but not least!), this Suzi Chin for Maggy dress ($85, from $118) is a nursing-friendly style that will help define and camouflage your waist. 

I hope this gives you some ideas! Any wrap dress or wrap neckline is a great option. I’d look for a dress with long or three-quarter sleeves. If you want to go sleeveless, make sure the straps are wide enough to cover your bra straps. If it’s a more casual wedding, I’d wear a maxi dress with pretty sandals to move around more comfortably. If you end up having to stand and rock your baby for a while, heels may not be the best idea! 

Good luck, have fun and I’m sure you’ll look great! 

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