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Back to School

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my pics of Iz’s outfits the past couple weeks. Boden offered to let me choose a few back to school items for Iz from their Mini Boden collection (fits kids 1.5 years to 12 years). I mixed and matched the items I picked out for her—well, she picked out one of them—into outfits that work for the warmer weather right now but will be great for the cooler weather down the road too. 






I’ll be honest—I try and spend as little as possible on Isobel’s clothing. If I hadn’t received these clothes for free, they would not be in Isobel’s closet right now. Iz grows out of things so fast that it’s hard for me to justify expensive clothing or shoe purchases that I will turn around and donate or throw into a storage bin in a few months (or less). With that being said, I can see that Boden’s Mini Boden clothing is great quality. The fabric is softer and thicker than what I could find at Old Navy or Target. Will that sway my purchasing in the future? Not in a significant way, but I do see the value of investing a little more in kids items that will see much use/abuse—like leggings or outerwear. Iz’s Boden leggings still look like new after a few wash/dry cycles. Warm, high-quality outerwear (like the fuzzy vest) is something I’ll dress her in every day for the next several months. Like everything else with kids, it’s a balancing act. 

P.S. Get 20% off everything plus free shipping/returns at Boden through midnight tonight. 

Target has a lot of baby stuff on sale or clearance right now. Skip Hop diaper bags are marked down and most will ship free (if the total is over $50) or will ship free with your Red Card. Top left is the Duo in heather gray for $46 (from $58). Top right is the Chelsea for $79 (from $99). Bottom left is the Versa (the bag I used) for $55 (from $70). Bottom right is the best-selling Duo in black $46 (from $58). 

P.S. The aztec print special edition Duo is available for $51 (from $64) too. 

Iz’s new sneaks are normally $19.95 from The Children’s Place, but you can take 40% off today and get free shipping with code TAKEFORTY2. Grand total is $11.97! Toddler sizes 4-11 available. 

Iz’s new sneaks are normally $19.95 from The Children’s Place, but you can take 40% off today and get free shipping with code TAKEFORTY2. Grand total is $11.97! Toddler sizes 4-11 available. 

This is nice.

A couple days ago I talked to a mom friend at Iz’s daycare. Her kid is the same age as Isobel (they’re only 30 days apart) and she just had their second baby. I congratulated her, asked her mom questions. How’s the baby sleeping? How are you feeling? She said, “I think the transition from none to one was harder than one to two has been.” I smiled, nodded. She asked: “You guys thinking of having any more?” 

I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve been thinking about how many of my friends are trying for a second or third. I was thinking about it when I wrote this four months ago. I’ve been thinking about it because I realized the other day we’d long passed the 2-year-interval window that I always said I wanted between the two kids I figured I’d have. (My sister and I are two years apart.) I thought about it when my hairdresser gave me an update on how her third baby is doing and asked if I was going to have another. I was thinking about it after a friendly cashier at the grocery store was “chatting” with Iz and then asked her, “Do you have any brothers or sisters at home?” A family member also said, “When you have another kid, you’ll want to [blah blah blah].” 

And then last night, I had a weird dream. I remember it very clearly—that was one of the weird things about it. I usually forget dreams by the time I’ve blinked away the fog of sleep. Anyway, it was Isobel and me, in our jammies, reading. There was a big bowl of popcorn. A window was open. She was older, maybe pre-teen? I don’t know. Just older. The room was quiet except for the pages turning. I knew in the dream that it was just her. There was no baby in the other room or toddler playing nearby. Just an older Iz and me, being lazy. In the dream, she stopped reading, turned to me and said, “This is nice.” I woke up. 

I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything. Life is hard to predict and assigning significance to dreams is a fool’s errand. (I mean, she might hate reading. She might hate me.) But I keep thinking about that dream today. “This is nice.” It was. It is. 

I bought Iz this jacket from Target a couple weeks back. It’s perfect. It’s also on sale now (ugh) for $15.40 from $22. Sizing starts from 12-mo and goes up to a size 7. 

I bought Iz this jacket from Target a couple weeks back. It’s perfect. It’s also on sale now (ugh) for $15.40 from $22. Sizing starts from 12-mo and goes up to a size 7. 

rivermelody-pondsong asked: Help! I need a vacation-date dress for the beginning of September. Not super fancy (or super pricey), but something cute that will "go" with my husband wearing khakis and a button down or something. I have a 4 month old baby, and while I obviously won't need to nurse in this dress, I will need to accommodate nursing boobs. :( I just tried on an old favorite with a snug bodice and high neck line, and I looked ridiculous. Ideas? (Something with a little tummy concealment won't hurt either.)

I think I found some really fun dresses for you! 

First is this pretty b&w dress from H&M ($59.95). It has a shorter v-neck, but you’ll be able to wear a regular bra with it. This would look adorable with a pair of cute sandals and a messy ponytail. It’s got some volume through the skirt to help with tummy concealment. 

If you want something more vacation-y, this Tommy Bahama dress ($67 from $148) is somewhere between a caftan and an actual dress. I love the embroidery. This TWO by Vince Camuto dress feels similar ($59.99 from $99). It’s a little casual and a little dressy and that skirt is great! You could wear it with sandals or wedges. The drawstring waist is flattering. 

For maxi dresses, I’m a big fan of this one from Target (I own it in a different color). It’s marked down to $21. It’s not too low cut and it’s very stretchy and comfortable. A more casual maxi dress option is this white C&C California slub jersey racerback maxi ($42 from $98). You could wear it with a sports bra! It would look awesome with gold or cognac sandals. 

ASOS has some really good options. I love this scuba fabric tie-dye shift dress ($67.71). This simple shift dress ($48) would need to be worn with a strapless bra, but I like the higher neck. How pretty is this white dress with pique trim? It’s $73. This asymmetric hem dress is marked down to $36 (from $73). The taupe color would look so good with silver sandals. If you liked the trendy shark fin hem, this shift dress (on sale for $56 from $81) would be cute. 

Have fun on your vacation! 

Nursing Tops/Dresses

I got this via email:

I’m a long time reader from the very early days of Tumblr. I remember your posts about nursing wear long before I was pregnant myself, so I thought you might be able to point me in the right direction. I have a two month old, and I’m self employed. I operate a children’s and maternity resale boutique with my sister and practice law as well. So although I don’t report to an office, I need to have a functional wardrobe as I leave the house every day - sometimes to the shop and other days to court. I went from a 36C to a 36DDD, so I’ve found it hard to get away with v neck tops and the like. I also loathe the whole west a long cami under another shirt thing. I live in Florida. It’s summer. All the layers! I have a few wrap dresses and cross front tops, but it’s a struggle. Every time I shop things just appear to make it harder to breast feed on the go. I’ve lost almost all of my baby weight, so I’m eager to dress like a person again (I’m over tent like maternity clothes). Any advice? Best brands for shopping? Side note: why don’t maternity brands make more clothing that transitions with you to nursing as your body adjusts??! Thanks for all you do to keep us stylish!

This is a tricky question! You’ve already discovered a few of my often-suggested styles (wrap dresses, cross-front tops). 

If you have room to spend a little bit more, check out Au Lait nursing clothes. They’re very stylish and versatile. Isabella Oliver also makes some good nursing stuff. A lot of her clothing is designed to transition from maternity to nursing. Her Essential Nursing Dress ($87) can be dressed up or down. 

Since you’re in Florida, I think you could get tons of wear out of shirt dresses. It may be annoying to find a good fit with your boobs, but if you can find some you like, you could wear them year-round. (Your boobs may go down in size in a few months once your supply regulates so keep that in mind too.) 

As far as tops, I know you already have some wrap front shirts, but check out this snap-closure blouse from Ann Taylor ($70, extra 40% off). It’s so cute. Boden’s wrap jersey tops ($43-$54) are perfect basics for you to have on hand. 

Another option for you to explore is a zippered front. This b&w stripe Calvin Klein blouse ($59) is great. This zip front top from Gap is awesome! It’s $50. This NYDJ zip front blouse comes in 3 colors ($89). Wallis has a zip front blouse available in several colors for $58. It’s long enough to be worn tucked in too! Calvin Klein also has a long-sleeved blouse marked down to $40 and a sleeveless top for $60. 

Here are some zip front dresses: This Raoul dress is $64 (from $275). If you want something more casual, this I Heart Ronson dress is on clearance for just $18! If you need to dress up, this Calvin Klein dress is marked down to $51. I love this Aqua romper for errands or as a beach cover-up ($88). Express has a great zip front midi dress for $50. 

Anything that’s cowl neck and made of jersey (or another stretchy fabric) will work great for breastfeeding. Jersey—in general—is the perfect nursing fabric. (You may have to go with a lower neckline to make it work comfortably for you.) Anyway! These cowl-neck jersey tops from Old Navy are just $18. I love this long-sleeved Wyatt shirt ($36). This Three Dots top is very slug-chic ($98). This pink dress by Three Dots is fun too ($92). 

I know you don’t want to wear another tank under a shirt, but it’s really the only option if you HAVE to lift your shirt to feed and you want more coverage for your midsection. A seamless, thin nursing cami is about as good as it gets. Get it thin enough to tuck into pants so it doesn’t peek out from underneath your top shirt. After my supply regulated, I was able to wear camis without a nursing bra underneath so long as they had some built-in support. Once I didn’t have to wear a bra AND a cami it was—obviously—more comfortable for hot weather. This one from Target is just $26. H&M has a two-pack for $25. (Speaking of H&M, check out this nursing tee ($25) and this one for $18.)

thegeekybirdblogs asked: Hi! I found your blog today about the diaper comparison Spreadsheet and I would love to see it but the link has been disabled. :-( Did it get moved somewhere? Thank you!

That’s annoying, sorry! I think the link is working in this post. Let me know if you’re still having issues. 

carlybartle asked: Hi Jaclyn! I'm 5 months pregnant and on the hunt for the perfect maternity leggings.... I would love to find a pair that fit/feel just like the Zella live-in leggings (recommended by you which I absolutely love). I'm still wearing my Zella leggings but starting to get the "double stomach" look so I need a maternity pair with a full panel to take care of that. I ordered a pair from loft but they weren't as tight fitting as Zella, loose around knees and ankles (which I hate). :) Thank you!!!!!

My favorite maternity leggings were actually from the now-defunct Forever 21 maternity line. They were like $9 or something. Amazing.

But, my second and third favorite pairs—from Liz Lange for Target and Old Navy—are still available! Target’s are $16.99. I preferred a demi-panel instead of a full panel. Old Navy’s low-rise leggings worked great for me too (only $7 right now!). If you prefer a full panel pair, they are just $9. I also had a pair I liked fit-wise from H&M (similar to these from H&M, $12.95) but didn’t wear them often because the full panel drove me nuts.

I’ve also heard good things about Boden’s maternity leggings ($34) and Gap’s maternity leggings ($29.95). 

If you want a more activewear-style pair, Athleta has their Maternity Metro Legging for $79. 

Get 20% off all Skip Hop merchandise on Giggle today with code SKIPHOP20. The special edition Duo ($64) is SO pretty. I love the b&w pattern. (If you don’t need a diaper bag, this would also make a great commuter bag.) 

Get 20% off all Skip Hop merchandise on Giggle today with code SKIPHOP20. The special edition Duo ($64) is SO pretty. I love the b&w pattern. (If you don’t need a diaper bag, this would also make a great commuter bag.)