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Pregnant? J.Crew’s maternity Pixie pant is marked down to $108 with an extra 30% off using code SHOPFORFALL. Available in black, gray and navy. 

I get questions about maternity maxi dresses a lot so I figured someone out there might be interested in these three Rachel Pally dresses on clearance! The left is $95 (from $238) and available in all sizes. The middle (SO PRETTY) is $96 (from $242) and available in size L. The right is $82 (from $207) and available in S. 

carlybartle asked: Hi Jaclyn! I'm 5 months pregnant and on the hunt for the perfect maternity leggings.... I would love to find a pair that fit/feel just like the Zella live-in leggings (recommended by you which I absolutely love). I'm still wearing my Zella leggings but starting to get the "double stomach" look so I need a maternity pair with a full panel to take care of that. I ordered a pair from loft but they weren't as tight fitting as Zella, loose around knees and ankles (which I hate). :) Thank you!!!!!

My favorite maternity leggings were actually from the now-defunct Forever 21 maternity line. They were like $9 or something. Amazing.

But, my second and third favorite pairs—from Liz Lange for Target and Old Navy—are still available! Target’s are $16.99. I preferred a demi-panel instead of a full panel. Old Navy’s low-rise leggings worked great for me too (only $7 right now!). If you prefer a full panel pair, they are just $9. I also had a pair I liked fit-wise from H&M (similar to these from H&M, $12.95) but didn’t wear them often because the full panel drove me nuts.

I’ve also heard good things about Boden’s maternity leggings ($34) and Gap’s maternity leggings ($29.95). 

If you want a more activewear-style pair, Athleta has their Maternity Metro Legging for $79. 

machelemabelle asked: Hi Jaclyn,I'm in dire need of your expertise! I was wondering if you can help me find a maternity dress for my baby shower in August. The shower will talk place indoors (what a relief) in a reception hall (somewhat fancy) with around 100 guests (to get an idea) The theme is "Ahoy! It's a Boy!" so I was thinking of a navy blue maxi dress...I'll be around 34 weeks at that time, so I would love something comfortable yet flattering. i'm open to any suggestions or advice! A thousand thank you's!!

You’re in luck! Isabella Oliver just marked down two blue maxi dresses that you might love. This Tank Column Dress ($79 from $159) looks so comfortable and chic. If you want something a little more dressy, this Gathered Detail Maxi ($62 from $209) is gorgeous. If you don’t mind straying from the blue and going with purple or black, this Hadyn dress ($112 from $225) is crazy pretty. 

This one-shouldered maxi dress by Mothers en Vogue is $86 (from $159). It looks really comfortable! If you want something more form-fitting, this Ripe Maternity dress (about $50) can also work post-baby for nursing. 

This navy maxi from LOFT ($90 with an extra 40% off at checkout) is simple but stylish. 

If you can spend a little more, Rachel Pally’s navy and white print on this Grecian-inspired maxi dress ($238) is really beautiful. If you sign up for her email list, you can get 20% off your first order. 

judiism asked: hi lovely! i have to go to a party sat night and the attire is "downtown chic." what does this mean for my six month pregnant self? any ideas?? (PS shoe & accessory help would also be so, so appreciated!)

Okay, so this is very much A LOOK, but I am so excited about it.

First, a pair of white maternity pants. (Or a belly band thingy on white pants you already own?) LOFT has a pair for $69 here. Then a fitted white tee. Crewneck, probably. Gap Pure’s $20 one will work. 

THEN THE FUN PART: This cape blazer from Nasty Gal ($68). 

If you want to wear heels (God bless you), go for something fun with a stacked heel or wedge so your feet don’t get too tired. These gold heels from H&M ($40) are perfect. If you decide to go with sandals, ZARA has a leopard print pair I like for $35. Target has a leopard print or white pair on sale for $16 now too. 

emilygores asked: Hi Jaclyn, My sister pointed me in your direction thinking you might be able to answer a question for me. Do you know of any decent options for sports bras for a nursing mom? I recently had baby #2 and am anxious to get back to my workout routine. I need some good, non-smushing support for my larger than life chest (36E, yikes!). Any recommendations on where I should look? Thanks in advance!


I had a few really good nursing sports bras that I used for exercising and for everyday wear. I went from being pretty small-chested to busting out of everything (I was a DD for several months, that was interesting), but I didn’t spend a TON of money on my bras because I knew eventually things would go back to normal. 

Still, it’s worth taking a look at nursing sports bras before switching back to regular sports bras because they can pull double duty. Since you might not be able to wear them long-term, it’s good to get your money’s worth! 

I love the look of this Cake Lingerie sports bra ($79). It’s not cheap, but it looks really supportive and is available in your size. You might try this one and be good with just this one! The sporty design is a nice change from boring sports bras/nursing bras. 

I personally really liked these nursing bras from Target ($19). They were comfortable and compressive and I wore them when I was just starting to work out while breastfeeding. 

Now for regular sports bras:

The Shock Absorber sports bra ($50-$59) comes in your size and has full support cups, so if you need to wear nursing pads inside, it might be compressive enough to keep them in place and thick enough to disguise the fact that they’re even in there. This Shock Absorber one ($79) has dual hooks to help support your back. 

Freya designs supportive sports bras too and this one ($62) is available in your size as well. 

This Anita one is on sale from Nordstrom for $39 (from $59) in your size. 

New Balance’s high support sports bra is $48 and has molded cups too. 

If you feel more comfortable with underwire, maybe Wacoal’s underwire sports bra would do the trick ($65).

If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to leave them in a reply! 

livemylove asked: Hi Jaclyn - I'm 29 weeks pregnant and my family is hosting my baby shower in a few weeks. Between all the baby prep (crib buying! choosing a color palette! registering!) I'm feeling overwhelmed and not completely in the mood to shop for a baby shower dress. I'm looking for something stylish, probably solid (yet spring appropriate!) colored (although I'd love to wear spring florals, everything I see tends to look like a muumuu), looks good with nude heels, and less than $100. Know of anything?

Yay! Let’s start with actual maternity dresses and then look for stretchy jersey dress styles that aren’t maternity but might work for you. (I couldn’t find anything for my baby shower so I ended up wearing a very forgiving jersey dress and it worked great.) 

I like this H&M MAMA chiffon dress ($35), especially in coral. 

ASOS has lots of good options. This midi length dress is on sale for about $30-$40. This pink wrap dress is one of my favorite options for you (it’s $52). I kind of love the super sexy fit on this dress ($37). This swing dress is pretty ($52). I LOVE the monochromatic floral print on this midi dress too ($52). If you want a softer look, this gray/peach lace dress is sweet, but a little over your budget at $103. This cobalt midi dress is simple and the bright color is fun ($33). Last, this pink/red floral dress is stunning and is just $84. 

Now for non-maternity ideas:

This T-Bags Los Angeles jersey maxi dress on Gilt is $99 (from $202) and has a high empire waist. 

This empire waist jersey dress from Boden ($58 from $78) comes in several different prints and might have enough stretch to work perfectly, especially if you size up. 

Maxi dresses are always a really safe option. If they don’t have a zipper, you’re probably good to go. This Rhyme Los Angeles dress has a great print ($98). This Tart dress ($101) is really stretchy with 5% Spandex. This LA Made cami dress is just $54 in a great peach/coral color. 

Swell has some good maxi dresses too (at affordable prices!). This pink one is forgiving, though it may be more casual than you’d like ($59.50). This Minkpink dress ($97) is a fun, bright print and the empire waistline is great. 

Revolve Clothing has tons of jersey items too, like this Bobi tank maxi dress ($62). I also love this stretchy, multi-wear dress from Kamalikulture ($96)—it is black though! I had to include one black dress. I couldn’t help it. :) 

(Speaking of black dresses, if you want to do something kind of AVANT-GARDE BABY SHOWER, this Narciso Rodriguez dress on RTR for $85 is so good.) 

Anyway, I hope one of these catches your eye! If nothing looks good to you, let me know and I’ll keep searching. I hated shopping for my baby shower dress so I feel you on this one. 

serialsghostwritten asked: You (and your blog!) were recommended to me as I am looking to find good quality maternity leggings without paying a ton...just was curious if you had any recommendations. (Thank you and apologies if you have answered this a million times over)

I just happened to have written a post about maternity leggings not too long ago! To summarize—Old Navy and Target get some of the best reviews these days. Old Navy’s jersey full-panel leggings are just $9 right now (!). 

H&M sizing question:

Hi! Thoughts on sizing for the treggings? — landofthepine

(I posted about them yesterday.) I go TTS for these (6). They’ve got a lot of stretch too, so will get a little bigger after you’ve worn them a few times. 

Something I forgot to mention yesterday: I also wore these as a kind of maternity pant dupe for a long time. They sit pretty low on the hips so I just bought a size or two bigger and wore them until fairly late in my pregnancy. 

Good morning friends! Risa of Really Risa asked me to do a guest post on her blog while she’s taking some time off with her sweet new baby Isla. I listed some of my all-time favorite maternity/post-pregnancy stuff in the post. I hope you like it! 

Good morning friends! Risa of Really Risa asked me to do a guest post on her blog while she’s taking some time off with her sweet new baby Isla. I listed some of my all-time favorite maternity/post-pregnancy stuff in the post. I hope you like it!