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Hi Jaclyn, I'm a long time follower and always appreciate your responses to your reader's questions. I'm wondering if you could do a post about bras. I've been loving all of the summer dress and tank options you've been posting lately, particularly those with delicate straps and/or low backs, but for many of these, regular bras, strapless bras, or even racer back bras just aren't going to work. It's rare that I see someone looking cute with visible bra straps. What are people wearing??

- Asked by thisallofthis

I got a few questions similar to this yesterday (probably sparked from posting this dress). This is such a tricky topic to make recommendations for because bras are so dependent on personal preferences and bust size. I did this post last year about the style of bra that might work with various tops/dresses and it might be a good place for you to start. 

Here are a few additional tips:

I hope this helps! I know it’s annoying. I usually end up wearing sports or bandeau bras with open back or low back jersey tops or dresses. I’ve used adhesive bras before and they worked well for me, but I have a small bust and don’t need a lot of support. I have a few of the newer longline/corset style bras and wore them with a low back tank recently and liked the look. Try and a few different things and see what works for you and what doesn’t. Most stores have good return policies for bras so take advantage of it! :) 

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Hi Jaclyn! I loved your recent maxi dress post for tall women (I'm 5'10" and struggle with this and other hem issues a ton). I'm wondering if you have any recommendations for colorful maxi dresses or skirts. I'm going wine tasting in Napa for my birthday and am looking for something appropriate, fun, affordable (under $100) and most importantly long.

- Asked by jeanbean


Let’s start with maxi dresses:

Now for maxi skirts! Not as many great color/print options, but still some good stuff here:

Good luck and have fun in Napa! That sounds like a great birthday. :) 

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Hi Jaclyn! I love your blog and have been following you for a while but have never asked you a question. Anyway, I was wondering if you had any advice for one-piece swimsuits that don't look frumpy and also don't have ridiculous cut outs. I have very fair skin so I'm looking for something that is practical, cute, and reasonably priced (under $100). Thanks!

- Asked by gitupgitdown

I’ve got great suggestions for you, but they’re definitely on the high end of your budget (and a little bit over in a few cases :/). 

J.Crew’s ruched underwire suit ($110) and striped underwire suit ($115) are amazing. They are so flattering, can be worn strapless or with straps and the underwire offers some extra support. The ruched one is slimming—the ruching helps define the waist. The stripes are great for distracting from trouble spots. I’m a big fan of the looks of this wrap tank suit too ($98). I like the deep v-neck. 

If the prices make you cringe, keep an eye on their website. They offer swim sales pretty regularly through the summer. I bought both last summer at steep discounts and they are my favorite swimsuits. I can’t wait to wear them this year! 

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Hey Jaclyn! I'm a such a big fan of your blog and I have a question for you! I'll be working at a PR firm over the summer, and I'm pretty much working from the ground up in starting a work wear wardrobe that is summer appropriate. The dress code is conservative with very casual fridays. I'm 20, so I'm always walking the thin line of dressing too young or looking like I'm going for something too mature. Do you have any ideas? Thanks so much! :)

- Asked by radmadical

Hey! I definitely get your dilemma. I think your best bet (especially considering you’ll be working over the summer) is to focus on basic, well-tailored shift dresses that are appropriate for a conservative office. You can wear a blazer/sweater over them at work (or just do what I used to do—keep a few neutral cardigans and a black jacket in an office closet) and a dress will be cool and comfortable for commuting or going out after work. 

  • Get a few shift dresses in neutral colors. This sleeveless black dress from H&M is just $35. Pair it with a black blazer and simple pumps. This crepe dress is $35—love the sleeves. I love this J.Crew Factory sleeveless ruched dress ($49.50). The bright colors are pretty, but go safe with the navy or black. This striped dress is $82, but strikes the perfect balance between fun and conservative. For days when you might have clients visiting the office, try this peplum dress ($69). 
  • LOFT is a great spot for you to pick up work separates or dresses since they run sales all the time. Look for things you might be able to integrate to your everyday wardrobe. This crepe open jacket ($98, 40% off with code 4PEEPS) is the perfect layer for dresses or blouses, but you can wear it on the weekend with a basic tee, jeans and flats too. I am in love with this ivory textured jacket too ($98, 40% off with code 4PEEPS).
  • For inexpensive work skirts, check at Target. This jacquard black skirt is great ($28). For a basic twill pencil skirt, you can’t do better than this one for $23
  • Use your accessories to keep your look younger and more modern. A lightweight scarf in the office looks nice (and can help keep you warm if the office has overactive A/C). Doublecheck the office policy on shoes. Some conservative offices frown upon open-toed shoes. If they do allow toe action, a pair of mid-height wedges is nice for summer ($90 from Nine West). Watch out for shoes with heels above 3” and make sure you take a pair of comfortable flats along with you. If you’re interning (I’m not sure if you are!), you may have to run a lot of errands and doing that in heels is zero fun. ZERO fun. Be prepared! Anyway, try ZARA for affordable heels that aren’t too high—like these slingback kitten heels ($60) or these medium heel court shoes ($60). Jewelry is another way to add a bit of individuality to your outfit, but don’t go too crazy. I’m not generally a big fan of statement necklaces or big earrings at work (they look too youthful), but be creative with bracelets. This cuff from Baublebar ($38) would look great with a white buttondown blouse and a pencil skirt. This one ($28) is pretty too. 

I hope this gives you a place to start looking! Have fun and good luck! You’ll do great. 

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Hey there. I just got my first package from fabletics and I loved what I got. Have you ever ordered any of the bootcut pants? I'm 5'11 and usually a 34" inseam and was wondering if they were long enough on you. Thanks!

- Asked by lovecity

Yes! I got one pair and they were about 5 inches too short. :/ The “tall” inseam on their bootcut pants is just 33”! They’re even too short on the model. (A dead giveaway.) If you’re looking for some bootcut yoga pants that will be plenty long, you have to try Aerie’s pants (on sale for $25!). The longs fit me perfectly. 

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Is it just me, or is Fabletics drunk? The few things I have from them I like, but it seems like the new items they're releasing are mostly focused on being "unusual" and "unique" rather than, you know, what women actually want to wear while working out or slugging around.

Yeah, April’s Fabletics release was by far the weakest I’ve seen. I hope they were just focusing on their new extended inseams and that’s why they had so few other good products. The prints were really ugly and the colors kind of strange (so much orange, why?!). 

If I could give them some advice, here’s what I would say:

  • Always have basic workout attire in stock in all sizes in black and white—at least. This includes full-length leggings, crops, a basic tank without a shelf bra, a basic tank with a shelf bra and a hoodie or jacket. These are items they should always carry in every single size. I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t or wouldn’t do this.
  • Bring back best-sellers or stop using old, long since sold out pieces in marketing materials or on social media. They posted this on their Instagram a few days. This is completely baffling to me. Why even mention the leggings? They’re not available! Or this banner image, right on their homepage. I don’t think any of these items are available any longer. A few of the tops pictured are some of my favorite shirts I own—period!—so I’d like to see them come back.
  • Their initial releases were a lot less fussy. Recent designs have been way more trendy and, in some cases, bizarre. A transparent vest? A HOODED CAPE? Stop it right now, Kate Hudson. 
  • Some months are stronger for slugwear and other months are stronger for actual athleticwear. They need to work on striking a better balance between the two. I’d like to see a better tank with a shelf bra or just a better, longer, higher-quality basic tank. The fabric quality on athletic tanks/tops seems to be a little off. I’m still off Lululemon, but their Cool Racerbacks or Power Y tanks can run circles around some of the fabrics Fabletics got their hands on. (I’m not a big Fabletics Embra tank fan.) 
  • With all that being said, I was thinking I wouldn’t place an April order because I felt so meh about their options, but I ended up getting several pairs of their shorts and am REALLY happy with the fit and compression. 

Basically, I’ve got my eye on you, Fabletics. Don’t let me down. Don’t make me quit you like I did with Ellie

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Long time listener, first time caller! The old high-waisted legging jeans / skinny jeans i wore have been discontinued and I'm on the lookout for new wardrobe staple to buy in multiple washes (a summer light blue and a true blue to start). Any ideas on where to look for moderately priced ones? (Note: I have declared Uniqlo Ultra Stretch a FAIL after wearing them a handful of times caused the waist to stretch 2 - if note 3 - sizes). :(

- Asked by nancysun

There are two brands that make my favorite high-waist denim: 

  • AE’s High-Rise Jegging - This lighter wash is on sale for $25 and this darker one is $50. They are so comfortable and flattering and are available in different inseams (yay!). They’re stretchy, but don’t stretch out too much with only 1% Spandex. The high-rise skinny jeans are good too and are just $40. 
  • H&M’s High-Waist Denim - I bought a pair of high waisted black skinny jeans from H&M in college and I still wear the damn things. They are my favorite pair of black pants. They’re on sale right now for $12 (from $40) sooooo I’d encourage you to try them. I love this pair with rips too ($40). 

Other places to check:

This $60 pair from Need Supply Co. is basically the perfect wash. 

ZARA has several different pairs of high-waist jeans. These are just $49.90. 

I’ve heard good things about Topshop’s high waist MOTO jeans for years. I love this wash ($70). 

ASOS has tons of washes available in their high waist Rivington style (about $50-$60 each). This is a good medium blue color. The Ridley style is similar. I LOVE these ones ($60). These white ones are awesome ($60). 

Crossing my fingers you like some of these! :) 

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I live in sundresses all summer, I'm looking to buy a few cheaper ones but I'm not seeing a lot out there right now. Usually H&M or Target have great options at great prices but maybe they're not out yet? I'd love to see which ones you're finding these days! My daughter will be 9 months by summer so no more shorty short dresses for this mom, but I'd still love to wear cute dresses. Thanks!

Those are my two favorite spots for cheap sundresses too! Unfortunately Target has been letting me down the past few months. Their winter stuff was not so great and I’m feeling pretty meh about their current clothes too. Anyway, I did a bit of looking and found some cute sundresses from various spots—all under $50! 

H&M: This striped jersey dress ($20) falls to the knee and could be worn into fall too. I love this basic black woven dress ($40) too. You could dress it up or down. This floral jersey dress is just $12.95! I think this burgundy midi length dress ($35) is chic and pretty. (I want it.) This maxi dress is just $18. I like this one too! It’s just $25. 

Target: Ugh. I’m not feeling much of anything except their maxi dresses right now (like this cami maxi one, $30). Click here to see all the maxis they have right now.

ASOS: This jersey dress is just $28 and comes in red or black. This midi cami dress is only $28 too! I love it. I love the stripes on this swing dress ($28). This yellow maxi is so pretty! It’s $37. If you want a print, this animal print shift dress ($47) is adorable. I love this tie dye midi dress too ($41). This floral cami slip dress ($45) is fun. For something more slouchy, this striped t-shirt dress is perfect ($47). This midi bandeau dress is nice ($37). This one is similar ($33). 

Gap: I got some great sundresses last year at Gap. Take 25% off all these today with code STYLESAVE. I love this drapey dress ($59.95). This longer dress ($45-$65) is pretty! 

LOFT: They have some really cute stuff right now! (And take 40% off today with code TREAT.) This print cami dress is really adorable ($49.50). I love this simple v-neck, sleeveless dress ($49.50). 

I’ll keep an eye out for more Target stuff, but this should give you a few to start off with! :) 

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Hi Jaclyn! I am returning to work full time after 3 years off of traveling, freelancing and maternity leave. I'm sure you can imagine the state of my wardrobe. I need some great quality basics to get me back into the 9-5 groove. The office dress code allows for jeans and more casual wear. I am 5'11 and have always struggled finding blouses and bottoms that work for me. I also really struggle with building a versatile wardrobe with pieces that can be recombined effectively. Any pointers?

- Asked by ultreyamama

Love this question! 

My ultimate versatile wardrobe tip is to decide ahead of time whether you’d prefer:

  • Neutral clothes with occasional pops of color as accents or…
  • Clothes in various complimentary colors and use neutral accessories to tie them together. 

I follow the first method. I buy mostly neutral clothes and shy away from prints (unless they are stripes which don’t exactly count as a print) and then use prints/color very occasionally in items like scarves, coats, shoes, etc. 

If that sounds like it will work for you too, start keeping an eye out for minimal basics in colors like black (OBVIOUSLY), white, off-white, taupe, gray, camel and navy. The same thing goes for denim: blue denim, black denim, white denim. Look for trousers or ponte pants in black or gray. 

Let’s break this down a little more:

  • Denim: Jeans have come a long way and you don’t have to buy expensive jeans for them to look tailored and high quality. Since you’re tall, I’ll recommend some of my favorite spots. Don’t overlook AE just because you might have bought a hoodie there in high school or college or whenever. They have really fantastic denim at crazy-low prices. Their high-rise jeggings (like this, $35) are so comfortable and keep everything tucked up and in. They also come in long inseams and that is great. I’ve had great luck with Gap and Old Navy jeans of late. Don’t bother looking in the store—they often don’t carry the tall inseams and you’ll probably want them. The Gap 1969 line is especially good and these—a medium wash for $70—could be worn with almost anything. For black jeans, try Old Navy’s The Rockstar for $35. They’re a little stretchy and quite long if you buy them in the tall inseam. 
  • Trousers/Ponte Pants: Since you work in a casual office, I think you can put conservative work trousers on hold for a bit and just look for straight or skinny ponte pants. J.Crew’s tall Pixie pant ($98) is a fantastic investment piece for you. You’ll wear them all the time. If $98 gives you an ulcer, check out Target’s ponte options. I have a few and am so happy with them. This pair is just $28! Watch for sales from LOFT too. Lots of ponte options, like these tall ponte pants for $45. 
  • Blouses/Tops: I usually keep things pretty standard on the bottom (basic denim, black pants, whatever) but experiment with more trendy pieces on top. (By more trendy, I mean I wore peplum this year so take that with a grain of salt.) ZARA has some really fantastic blouses if you can look past all the nonsense crop tops. The prices are great too. This v-neck top ($60) is perfect for wearing with jeans or ponte pants and ballet flats or pumps. This oversize poplin blouse ($60) is long enough to be tucked in or worn as-is with a jacket or sweater. J.Crew Factory is a fantastic source for inexpensive, pretty tops and blouses too. This striped ponte peplum blouse ($44.50) would look great with a black or camel jacket. Their Charley sweaters are the Factory version of J.Crew Tippis. This neon one ($43) in pink would be a pretty color to spice up your denim or basic black pants/pencil skirt. Watch for J.Crew sales too. This matte crepe tee ($70) is the PERFECT basic short-sleeved work blouse. This silk sweatshirt top in ivory ($130) is something you could wear over and over again. It would dress up jeans or look chic with gray pants. Basically look for neutral colored tops in fabrics that you can dress up or down (silk, wool, poplin, crepe or viscose/another synthetic that mimics those fabrics). If you’re like me, it can be hard finding blouses with sleeves that are long enough (J.Crew is a chronic offender) so buy tall versions if you can, or simply get tops that have 3/4th length sleeves or sleeves that can be rolled. 
  • Dresses/Skirts: To be honest, if your office is casual, you probably won’t be wearing pencil skirts very often so maybe get one or two (black and gray or black and a light-colored linen blend) just in case. Dresses are a better option and they’re easier for getting ready in the morning too. With skirts you have to figure out a top that will go with it and then make sure it tucks in properly (if it’s supposed to tuck in) and then you have to find shoes that work with the whole thing and maybe add a cardigan or a jacket so it looks finished and frankly, no. That’s too much work for me. The right dress is a complete outfit—just add shoes. Since you’re in a casual office, I assume you don’t want to wear too stuffy a dress so I’d look for jersey dresses in neutral colors. This gray one from Topshop ($58) is midi-length and could be worn with sandals for a more casual look or pumps if you want to dress up more. This midi-length black dress is just $50! You could style it a million ways: with a moto jacket, with a scarf, with wedges in the summer, with ankle boots. Tons of ways to wear it. This crepe shift dress from Wayf is just $58—so cute. A shirt dress is another great idea for you. It’s right between casual and dressy. Boden’s shirtdress ($128) is so pretty. I like their ponte dress too ($128). 

Once you have a few of these key items, you can mix and match them really easily. A few colorful scarves—maybe cobalt, yellow, coral?—will look amazing set off against a neutral outfit. Because the clothes are so versatile, you can almost wear any shoe you want in any color you feel like. Flats, wedges, pumps, ankle boots—they can be worn interchangeably with almost everything I’ve listed here. The best thing about the items above are that they’re perfect for cross-season dressing. Add tights or leggings/boots for winter with the dresses. Throw a cardigan over the striped peplum tank in the fall. Wear jeans with flats or sandals during the summer and with tall boots or ankle boots in the winter. Simple clothes = less time to get ready and less time adjusting to seasonal wardrobe changes. Another great thing is that you can repeat items more often and no one is the wiser. You can’t wear a loud, obvious printed blouse to the office 3 times in one week (well, you could, but you know what I mean), but you could absolutely wear a basic jersey shift dress 3 out of 5 days. Wear it one day with a jacket and ankle boots. Wear it another day with a belt, a long necklace and pumps. Wear it another day with a scarf and wedges. 

I’d suggest going in your closet and taking a look at what you know does not work for you and getting rid of it so that you can make a list and fill in the gaps with things that can be worn with multiple other items. It’s worth spending a bit more money on minimal items that you’ll wear over and over again, but you don’t HAVE to spend tons of money to find things that are flattering and good quality. Just be willing to do lots of returns! (Especially if you’re shopping online.) 

Also check out these other similar posts I’ve done:

I hope this helps. :) Have fun shopping! 

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Hi Jaclyn! I am looking for a casual and/or simple white dress for my wedding ceremony in the courthouse. I am still trying to lose baby weight, so definitely looking for something that could cover problem areas. Thanks!! :)

- Asked by onetoetree

Hi! Congratulations! 

I found lots of dress options for you—some are short, a few are long—and I hope that one of these works for you. :) 

I love this Susana Monaco maxi ($202). The gathering at the waistline will be flattering and the shape is simple and chic. Another pretty maxi dress is this one from Young, Fabulous & Broke ($215). The blousy gathering around the midsection is perfect! If you want something more on the casual side, this tshirt-style Velvet by Graham & Spencer maxi ($129) could work. This embroidered maxi by Babakul is on sale for $85 (from $189). 

If you wanted something a bit more bridal, this Anthropologie lace dress ($150) is a good style for skimming over your body instead of hugging it too tightly. This Nanette Lepore dress ($192 from $398) is a little more conservative and has such pretty detail if you zoom in. This Dolce Vita dress ($193) is very bridal—so gorgeous. 

If you wanted something more boho-chic, this For Love and Lemons dress ($195) has gorgeous lace on the sleeves and on the hem. It’s a flowy style so you don’t need to worry about the problem areas! Another similar dress is this one on sale for $50 (from $168) from Free People. 

One of my favorite options for you is this Vero Moda dress. It’s just $71 and has a flattering, body-skimming fit. 

Another favorite is this Elizabeth and James dress (marked down to $173 from $385!). It’s nice and loose and has great detail on the back. 

The pleated sleeves on this Alice + Olivia dress are so interesting and the style strikes just the right balance between casual/dressy. It’s on sale for $192 (from $396). 

This simple, full-skirted cotton dress from Calvin Klein ($128) is perfect if you want something minimal. J.Crew’s cotton pique dress ($158, take 25% off with code SPRINGISHERE) is drop-waisted, which is not my favorite postpartum style, but it might work perfectly for you! (I suggest trying it on in store if you can!) 

This eyelet shift dress from Banana Republic is $130 (get 30% off today with code BRTODAY). Pretty, not too clingy. 

The neckline on this Silence + Noise maxi might be too low for you, but it’s just $69 and the empire waist is great! 

I love this midi cami dress from ASOS ($159). The sequins are subtle and the style could be dressed up or worn more casually (with sandals). This kimono sleeve midi dress from ASOS ($45 from $76) is good too. 

This dress from ZARA ($99) is cute—I like the textured fabric. 

If you want something that doesn’t hug your body at all, this Rachel Pally maxi dress ($242) has the fabric floating straight down from the bodice. Rachel Pally’s caftan dress ($233) is really nice. 

I don’t know if you’ve thought of renting one, but RTR has a few dresses that caught my eye! This Shoshanna ($45) has a peplum and peplums are GREAT for disguising postpartum problem areas. If you were leaning toward a long dress, this Erin by Erin Fetherston one isn’t too stuffy or fancy ($100). This Tibi dress is just $40 and is very sweet and pretty. Last—this Vera Wang dress ($128) is made of cotton canvas so it’s heavy enough to disguise bumps and smooth over any areas you might feel uncomfortable about. I love the structured skirt. 

Have a great wedding day and enjoy all these exciting things happening in your life! xo 

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