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I've been told by an orthopedist to wear "walking shoes" with these specific inserts to help with my sciatica. I'm currently wearing the inserts with a pair of Nike sneakers I have. But, I pretty much want to cry because I look ridiculous at work wearing them with work pants or even with jeans and work tops. Can you suggest any shoes that I can wear which might have removable insoles and look a bit normal at work? I'm pretty crushed because it's sandal weather for crying out loud. Help!!

- Asked by sleepyhead-ak

Ohhhh, this is tough. 

Let’s see what might work (all products below have removable insoles):

I hope this helps! Don’t be too down—even if you have to wear sneakers, there are so many great sneaker outfits floating around these days. Look at this cute outfit. Or this one! I am DYING over this outfit. Keep things classic like this or wear them with a dress. If I were you (and if you are allowed to wear sneakers to work, DOCTORS NOTE), I would amass the largest, prettiest collection of sneakers. Nikes, New Balances, Supergas. Get it all, girl. Wear the hell out of them. 

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I NEED JEEEANS. Where do you shop for for pants? I'm looking for about a 34'' inseam, so a bit long.

- Asked by studiousadventures


  • I’ve been having great luck with Old Navy’s The Rockstar jean in the tall length. They’re a good length on me and they’re almost always discounted. There are lots of colors available here and a great ripped option here. I prefer the mid-rise ones, but they all fit similarly. Love these too.  
  • Gap’s jeans (skinny and boyfriend) in tall lengths work well for me too. I have a boyfriend pair similar to these. The legging jeans ($70) are nice too. 
  • I really love H&M’s jeggings and jeans, though I haven’t bought a pair of *REAL* jeans from them in several years. The ones I have are similar to these ($40). (I don’t mind if my jeans hit me at about my ankle.) 
  • I used to wear a couple pairs of J.Crew Toothpick and Matchstick jeans in Tall but I donated them recently because they were too big. (AT LEAST THEY WEREN’T TOO SMALL) I prefer the Toothpick fit because they hit a bit higher on the ankle and are more flattering with flats/sandals/sneakers. This pair in Tall ($125) is basically the perfect everyday jean. 
  • I’ve gotten a few AMAZING pairs of jeans in Stitchfix boxes. It’s the reason I keep my subscription. Nordstrom sells a similar Kensie pair to the one I received ($75). They do hit a bit higher on my ankle than some of my other jeans, but like I said—this doesn’t bother me so much. 
  • AE’s jeggings come in long and extra-long (!!) and I love how comfy they are. Check out this pair for $45. 
  • I’ve had good luck with Target jeans in the past (they’re just $23) but the fit tends to vary a lot from pair to pair so…word to the wise!
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How do you feel about jean jackets? I'm thinking of getting one this summer, but always thought it was a faux pas. Any recommendations?

- Asked by jeanbean

I haven’t worn a jean jacket in a long time, but I’ve actually been thinking about getting one. I think they look nice with maxi dresses and look really great paired with white (and I’ve been wearing a lot of white lately). I pinned this outfit so I can try and replicate it. 

I wouldn’t spend much on one (at least not at first) since you may not wear it often. I tend to like medium denim washes better than super dark or super light washes, but it all depends on what you might want to wear with it. 

This one from H&M ($40) looks nice. You can take an extra 50% off this cropped jacket from LOFT ($79.50) today. I love the sky blue color. Gap always has some good denim jacket options too. This 1969 jacket is $70, but you can take 30% off today with code SPRING

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Got a few ideas from this post last week.
Acacia Scarf
Fabletics Sweater
Boohoo Tee
Old Navy Jeans
Qupid Leopard Loafers (Similar from Nine West)
Cuyana Tote
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Hello! I love your blog and I was wondering if you could give me some advice on rain boots. I'll be heading to college next year in Nashville, so there are some rainy winters in my future. I'm on a fairly tight budget and I'm having trouble finding boots that are that magic combination of decent quality and fairly inexpensive. Thanks for your help!

- Asked by bunkerbound

You asked this question at the right time because so many boots are on sale! (Hopefully they still have your size.) :) 

Chooka boots get good reviews and this pair (disguised as riding boots) is marked down to $60 (from $160). 

These Chinese Laundry rain boots are cute (camo!) and are $59.99. If you prefer basic black, get an extra 15% off this $59 pair with code SPRING. I kind of like these Chinese Laundry moto-style rain boots too ($45). 

On the off chance you have really small feet (size 5), this Sperry pair is $58 (from $78). 

New Acacia Scarves


We released six new prints today! Check them out here. Most are a silk/cotton blend and and top left and bottom right are crepe cotton. The gold palm print (top right) might be one of my all-time favorites. 

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Hi Jaclyn - I'm 29 weeks pregnant and my family is hosting my baby shower in a few weeks. Between all the baby prep (crib buying! choosing a color palette! registering!) I'm feeling overwhelmed and not completely in the mood to shop for a baby shower dress. I'm looking for something stylish, probably solid (yet spring appropriate!) colored (although I'd love to wear spring florals, everything I see tends to look like a muumuu), looks good with nude heels, and less than $100. Know of anything?

- Asked by livemylove

Yay! Let’s start with actual maternity dresses and then look for stretchy jersey dress styles that aren’t maternity but might work for you. (I couldn’t find anything for my baby shower so I ended up wearing a very forgiving jersey dress and it worked great.) 

I like this H&M MAMA chiffon dress ($35), especially in coral. 

ASOS has lots of good options. This midi length dress is on sale for about $30-$40. This pink wrap dress is one of my favorite options for you (it’s $52). I kind of love the super sexy fit on this dress ($37). This swing dress is pretty ($52). I LOVE the monochromatic floral print on this midi dress too ($52). If you want a softer look, this gray/peach lace dress is sweet, but a little over your budget at $103. This cobalt midi dress is simple and the bright color is fun ($33). Last, this pink/red floral dress is stunning and is just $84. 

Now for non-maternity ideas:

This T-Bags Los Angeles jersey maxi dress on Gilt is $99 (from $202) and has a high empire waist. 

This empire waist jersey dress from Boden ($58 from $78) comes in several different prints and might have enough stretch to work perfectly, especially if you size up. 

Maxi dresses are always a really safe option. If they don’t have a zipper, you’re probably good to go. This Rhyme Los Angeles dress has a great print ($98). This Tart dress ($101) is really stretchy with 5% Spandex. This LA Made cami dress is just $54 in a great peach/coral color. 

Swell has some good maxi dresses too (at affordable prices!). This pink one is forgiving, though it may be more casual than you’d like ($59.50). This Minkpink dress ($97) is a fun, bright print and the empire waistline is great. 

Revolve Clothing has tons of jersey items too, like this Bobi tank maxi dress ($62). I also love this stretchy, multi-wear dress from Kamalikulture ($96)—it is black though! I had to include one black dress. I couldn’t help it. :) 

(Speaking of black dresses, if you want to do something kind of AVANT-GARDE BABY SHOWER, this Narciso Rodriguez dress on RTR for $85 is so good.) 

Anyway, I hope one of these catches your eye! If nothing looks good to you, let me know and I’ll keep searching. I hated shopping for my baby shower dress so I feel you on this one. 

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I love this simple jersey shift dress from H&M and the price is even better: $12.95! 

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Swimsuit coverups can be stupid expensive, so try one of my favorite tricks: Buy a cheap dress from Forever 21 and use it as a coverup instead. They’re perfect for keeping the sun off your shoulders and going to/from the beach or pool. They’re not as sheer as most cover-ups, so you can throw on some sandals to grab a quick lunch or drink mid-day too. 



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I get questions every now and then from petite women about maxi dresses and this new one from ASOS’ petite line is just $37. The style is great for a shorter woman (it gives the illusion of really long torso/legs) and you may not need to hem it since it’s designed for women 5’3” and under. 

I get questions every now and then from petite women about maxi dresses and this new one from ASOS’ petite line is just $37. The style is great for a shorter woman (it gives the illusion of really long torso/legs) and you may not need to hem it since it’s designed for women 5’3” and under. 

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